Chemical Sales

-50/50 methanol water mix for pipeline testing
Tri-Hi Pressure On Site Chemical Storage

Pressure Trucks

Capable of pumping fluids at Rates from 5 lpm up to 2200 lpm, With pressure ratings from 6000psi up to 15,000psi.  These pressure trucks are used for anything from Pipeline filling, Pipeline Testing, Packer isolation, Coil Support, Acid pumping, Chemical Batching, Wellhead pressure tests, Packer setting, Wireline Pump downs, Toe port openings, and much more.  Our trucks have Data Acquisition to and onsite graphing capabilities to meet yours and the boards requirements.

  • Pressure Trucks

  • Tank Trucks

  • Combo Vac Trucks

  • Chemical Sales

  • Graders

  • Bobcat

  • And more!
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